The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course (MBSR) forms the basis for the free offerings on this site. The resources available here on this site have been organized into the categories you see below. Also, all of the pages of this site and many of the referenced materials are searchable via the search box at the upper right of every page.

Online MBSR course: A very complete set of resources can be found in the body of the online MBSR course itself, including a variety of videos, articles, and guided practices, organized by topic (see MBSR "At a Glance"). The course's Introduction to Mindfulness is an excellent introduction to current practice, theory, and research.

Guided Practices: These free online recordings provide guidance for the three primary mindfulness practices taught in the online MBSR class (body scan, sitting meditation and yoga) as well as a number of other guided practices. There are many other free resources available elsewhere on the web, such as those found on,, UCLA's Mindful Awareness Research Center, UCSD's Center for Mindfulness, Frantic World (which even has a Chocolate Meditation!),, or

Scientific Research: Over the last 30 years, there has developed an ever-growing base of solid, peer-reviewed research concerning the effects of mindfulness meditation on health and well-being. Medical studies indicate the beneficial effects of mindfulness practices for people coping with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, depression and anxiety. This section provides a small sample of the information available online.

Books: A very small sampling of the literally hundreds of good books available today having to do with mindfulness.

Mindfulness Training: A list of trainings and resources which offer mindfulness training beyond what is offered by a standard 8-week MBSR class, for those interested in learning to teach mindfulness and/or expand their practice and understanding.

Graduate Readings: In the bottom half of this page is a directory of the monthly readings from past MBSR Graduate meetings. There is a wealth of material here, with writings and videos on almost 30 topics that supplement those that are presented in the eight weeks of the course.

Retreats: This section lists some of the many centers providing mindfulness retreats.

Meditation Groups: A listing of some of the on-going meditation and/or discussion groups in the Moscow/Pullman area.