Guided Practices

Included in this course is a series of guided mindfulness practices, all of which are available to anyone, free of charge, to be listened to here or downloaded to another device (e.g., iPod or MP3 player). These are all accessible through the course menu. On desktop computers, the course menu is the menu to the left. On smartphones, you access the course menu by tapping the menu icon at the top left.

The Body Scan, Sitting Meditation, and Mindful Yoga (Yoga 1 & Yoga 2) recordings comprise the primary practices of MBSR and are each about 30 minutes in length.

The Soften, Soothe, Allow Meditation(15 min) is introduced in Week 5 of the course, the Mountain Meditation and Lake Meditation (20 min) are introduced in Week 6, and the Lovingkindness Meditation (13 min) is introduced in Week 7.

The Silent Meditations are provided for non-guided practice and are either 15, 20 or 30 minutes.