MBSR Graduates' Page

The primary way for a graduate to connect and share with other Palouse Mindfulness graduates is through the Online Graduate Community. While this resource is available only to graduates, all of the material indicated below is available to everyone, graduates or not. The resources available here are organized into four categories: Gallery of Learning, Maps, What's New, and Graduate Readings:

Gallery of Learning: This section of the site contains some of the "letters of learning" that graduates send when they complete the online MBSR course. This is a way to to get a sense of who your fellow online graduates are, but even more than that, reading one or two of the full letters that are accessible here can serve as a powerful refresher.

Maps: There are currently almost 1,500 graduates of the Palouse Mindfulness course. The Map of Graduates shows cities with one or more graduates, and highlights those cities with new graduates. There are typically 4,000 visitors to the site every day, and the Map of Visitors is a real-time map, showing the location of the most recent visitors to the Palouse Mindfulness site, and if you look at it now, you should see your location indicated!

What's New: The course is frequently updated and the "What's New" page is a great place to see what new videos or readings that may been added since you graduated.

Graduate Readings: We have local, in-person, meetings each month in Moscow, Idaho (U.S.), and the readings and videos from past meetings are a terrific resource for graduates to continue their learning. You can select any of the 29 sets of readings and videos from the list below:

Loss / Death
About Retreats...
Being vs Doing
Social/Political Unrest
The Dark Pieces
Telling the Truth
Belonging / Wholeness
Be Kind. Always.
The Illusion of "Self"
Preferences / Demands
Original Goodness
Inner Listening
Radical Acceptance
Altruism/Moral Courage
Soften, Soothe, Allow
Natural Presence
Not Knowing