About Language Translation

NOTE: For Spanish, go to palousemindfulness.com/es, or click on the flag in the upper left corner. All of the readings, worksheets, subtitles for videos, and audio recordings have been translated by native speakers. TheĀ 32 Palouse Mindfulness graduatesĀ who generously assisted in this effort come from all parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

Google's automatic translation tool, although amazing in many respects, is far from perfect, but If you would like to use Google Translate, instructions are below.

For web pages:

If you are using Google's Chrome browser, a "right click" anywhere on the page will give you the option of translating to your default language. If you are using another browser, go to Google Translate and enter the address of the page, or the address for the entire site, https://palousemindfulness.com/

For articles in "Reading":

Copy the address of the page and go to Google Translate and paste the address of the page into the left-hand box.

For videos in the "Video" section:

In the lower right corner of the YouTube screen, you will see controls like those in the illustration to the left. If subtitles have already been translated into your language, it's pretty simple (you stop at step 3), but otherwise, steps 4-7 are needed::

   (1) Click on settings ("gear" icon, second icon from the left)
   (2) Click on "Subtitles/CC"
   (3) If you see your language, click it, and you're done.

If you don't see your language, the following steps will generate subtitles in your language, but like all Google Translations, the subtitles will not be perfect:

   (4) Click on "English".
   (5) This takes you back to the previous box, where you click on "English" again
   (6) Click on "Auto-translate" at the bottom
   (7) Scroll to find your language and click on it