MBSR "At a Glance"

The entire course is laid out here, including the theme and mindfulness practice for each week. Clicking on the links below, or on the menu to the left, will take you to the corresponding part of the course.



Getting Started

MBSR Manual

Week 1
- Simple Awareness
                Introduction to the Body Scan

Week 2
- Attention & The Brain
                Introduction to Sitting Meditation

Week 3
- Dealing with Thoughts
                Introduction to Yoga - Yoga 1

Week 4
- Stress: Responding vs. Reacting
                STOP: One-Minute Breathing Space and Yoga 2

Week 5
- Dealing with Difficult Emotions/Sensations
                Soften, Soothe, Allow

Week 5b
- Special Instructions for Physical Pain
                  The Five-Step PAIN process

Week 6
- Mindfulness and Communication
                Mountain Meditation and Lake Meditation

Week 7
- Mindfulness and Compassion
                Lovingkindness Meditation

Week 8
- Conclusion
                Developing a practice of your own

Certificate of Completion